Sunday, February 14, 2010

From Okinawa to California....

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For all you readers out there,

I'm happy to report that Kevin and I have arrived in Southern California safe and sound. After spending a few days on base in temporary lodging on Camp Foster, we flew out of Okinawa and landed in sunny Los Angeles. From there, Kevin and I arrived in Oxnard, California, about a hour north of LA. Oxnard is located on the coast of southern California and this is where we will make our new home. Kevin will be working for the Navy over at the navy base in Port Hueneme.

It is very beautiful here, and we certainly are liking the weather. So far, it's been sunny and warm, and no humidity.

That said, we still have lots to do to get settled, so it may be a while before I post again. It has also come to my attention that the name of this blog may need to change....hmmmm....what shall we call the new blog?

I'm open to just let me know.

Until then,

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