Thursday, January 17, 2008

My former self....

I just found out that my Discovery show "Cash Cab" has been entered into the Emmys this year.

Last September, I was in LA, hob-nobbing with the stars. Host Ben Bailey was nominated for "outstanding game show host," so I went. Unfortunately, he didn't win. The Emmy was given to Bob Barker...

This year, I won't be attending the Emmys at all. It's funny, sometimes there is a part of me that misses my former self...My former life in Maryland/DC. My life as a TV producer for the Discovery Channel...

I have to remind myself of the reasons why Kevin and I chose to move to Okinawa. The crazy-hectic 50 hour work weeks. The migraines I got every Friday--like clockwork.

Yes, we came to Okinawa for a change.

But change is not easy. I've had to adjust to a new role as a "spousal dependent," assimilate to the military lifestyle and decorum, re-learn my Japanese language skills & customs, and re-evaluate & prioritize my goals and aspirations.

Yes, change is not easy. But change is necessary. We are stronger because of it. I know now that I don't want to live in the shadow of my former self... No, I want to create a new & better me. :)

I think Winston Churchill said it best:

"To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often."

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Cindy said...

Nicely said...and one day, I will visit you on that island of yours, and wish I had your life. :)

We are registered at Babies R Us. Thanks for thinking of us! That is very sweet of you!


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