Friday, July 10, 2009

La-La-Lobsta in New England & Much More

Now that I've had a chance to settle down from my most recent trip to the States, I've finally been able to get my photos downloaded from our camera. Unfortunately, it looks like I didn't take as many photos as I expected. Huh? did that happen?

Well, can't complain now...Here they are for your viewing pleasure.....

Here are the boys (Ray and Jari) at an Irish pub in New Haven, CT. We all took a trip to New Haven to see my younger brother Julian perform in a dance show.

On our way back to Rhode Island, we stopped at Mystic, CT. As a huge fan of the 1980's movie...(c'mon, you know you've all watched it)...I just had to take a picture at the pizza place made famous in the movie....

We even got a chance to walk around a bit and take in the sights. The weather was rainy and gray, but we managed to be in good spirits!

After our quick visit in Mystic, we headed to the casino Mohegan Sun, where we enjoyed a delicious steak dinner at Michael Jordan's steakhouse.

Once we returned to Rhode Island, Ray, Jari, Kev, and I went to Newport to eat seafood (we even got a chance to meet up with my brother in law Greg). I think we all ate our own weight in seafood....but it was well worth it.

Ray says "how about some lobsta?"

Later in the week, I went to Boston to visit my best friend Courtney for a few days...

She is currently pregnant and is due to deliver her first baby any day now. Best of luck, I love you...

Well, Kevin and I had a nice visit, but next time we'll take more pictures.... :)


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