Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good Eats In SE Asia

Whenever Kevin and I travel to foreign countries, we usually end up stuffing our faces with amazing, ethnic, international foods and dishes. We are both foodies so we actually look forward to "eating out." While most travelers might be a bit leery of trying new things, we go off the "beaten path" to find new and interesting places to eat.

On our recent trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, we were fortunate to find a few dishes that we loved!

As Alton Brown would say, we found ourselves some good eats. Here are the highlights:

Folks, I give you one of the yummiest fruit shakes EVER!~

It was a pineapple-mango, ginger shake full of deliciousness. Behold!

Notice the parrot on the side of the glass!

While in Thailand, we also visited a floating market where we enjoyed some fresh, tasty exotic Southeast Asian fruits like lychees, rambutans, and pomelo.

Then in Cambodia, we took part in fine dining at the Meric Restaurant at Hotel De La Paix in Siem Reap. This fancy restaurant offered a 5 course dinner complete with entertainment.

Finally in Vietnam, while sailing on a junk ship in Halong Bay, we had some amazing dishes of seafood. There's something to be said about dining "al fresco" aboard a beautiful teak junk ship!

Once night fell, the chef aboard our ship prepared a dinner feast. He was something of an amateur artist as well, as he created wonderful artistic pieces from fruit and vegetables.

Now I'm sure you are all thinking: how much weight did you gain on your trip?! Guess what, I'm not telling.


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