Friday, January 23, 2009

Seoul, Korea--ski, ski, ski!

We enjoyed being in the city of Seoul, but both Kev and I were excited to go to Yong Pyong ski resort. This resort is about a 2 and half hour bus ride from the city. Since it had been over a year and half since Kevin and I last went skiing, we couldn't wait to get there!

Yong Pyong is a nice ski resort (even if you're a snowboarder), they have a large number of trails for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiiers. They have a large number of ski lifts, including a gondola that takes you to a peak, called Dragon Peak.

We opted to stay at the resort at the Dragon Valley Hotel. There are several options for sleeping accommodations at Yong Pyong. There are a large number of private condo residences as well as a hostel. The room at the Dragon Valley Hotel wasn't too fancy, but since we would only be spending time sleeping there, we didn't mind.

Yong Pyong likes to boast and call themself an "all-seasons resort." If you don't want to ski, you can certainly spend a day at their indoor water park complete with a breaker pool, water slides, and more. During the warmer season, the resort hosts several golf tournaments.

Here's a view of the ski resort with our hotel.

The above photo is a view of some of the condo residences at the resort.

We had a great three days of skiing at the resort and even managed to put in a nice hike/stroll at the Dragon Peak.

Self taken portrait of Kev and I on the gondola.

The weather at the resort was cold, here's just a sample of exactly how cold. This is in Celcius, but still, this is COLD...

So what do you do to keep warm? Drink beer, of course!

Here are a few photos from our hike/stroll at the peak at Yong Pyong.

After our hike, we had lunch at the restaurant at the Peak. This is "tonkatsu"-Korean style. "Tonkatsu" is pork cutlet.

Here's a poster from a Korean drama "Winter Sonata" that was filmed on location at Yong Pyong.

All in all, we had a great 10 day trip to Korea. I leave you with this last photo of the huge crowds at Yong Pyong. Hope we can go skiing again soon!

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Love, Chrissy :)


Blake and Hollie said...

WOW!!! Absolutely beautiful photos. I am so glad you posted these. I was shivering as I was reading, but I am sure that is was definetly worth it. I wonder if it seems colder because we are used to being on Okinawa? :)

Blake and Hollie said...

I want to see more photos, where is your facebook page? I am on there....Hollie Gordon...

Chrissy said...

Hey Hollie,

I'm on Facebook, so if you want me to "friend" me, please feel free. That way, you can see the photos. said...

Hey Princess,
The photos of you in Korea reminded me of the times you, Jumpei and I used to ski in Japan. It was such great fun and the food was really yummy.... It looks like you and Kevin had a great time and ate lots of Kimchee.... I am envious...

Love always,


Rob R. said...

This is a terrific piece! I am currently working on an article about skiing in Korea -- may I talk or e-mail with you for my story?

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