Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Space-A Gets Us To Hawaii!!!

Those of you who read my previous post titled "The Joys of Traveling on Space-A" may be quite familiar with the headaches we had to endure to try to get off this island of Okinawa....

Well, I'm here to tell you, patience pays off. Yes, folks, the good news is that despite the fact we tried to fly Space A a total of 3 times in one weekend, we kept our eyes open for flight schedules and destinations; and we were finally able to get two seats bound for Hickam AFB in Hawaii. We had originally thought of going all the way to the West Coast to Travis AFB in California....but of course, after spending close to 11 hours on a military plane (it was a freezing KC-135 aircraft) enroute to Hawaii, we decided to just stay put.

If I can offer any advice for Space A travelers, let me say this, it pays to organize and plan several itineraries and be flexible to several destinations. Kevin and I had researched hotels, places to visit, and rental cars at two different destinations (including Hawaii and the San Francisco bay area) so when we found ourselves too tired to travel any farther after getting to Hickam, we were fine with it.

We spent about a week in beautiful and sunny Waikiki. Using Space A to fly to Hawaii, Kevin and I easily saved about 3 thousand dollars on airfare. Guess when you figure that Space A allows you to travel for free, you realize sitting on a freezing military aircraft isn't too bad. Kevin and I were prepared. We brought hats, gloves, fleeces, as well as a small blanket to keep us warm on the flight. Space A isn't designed for comfort-- no peanuts or free movies here. But....so long you're prepared with blankets and ear plugs, you should be fine. :)

Our first few nights we stayed in a hotel right on the Waikiki beach strip. The Outrigger Ohana Beachcomber resort. The hotel was nice, but since it was the midst of all the tourist attractions, it was a little too busy and noisy for our tastes. We were able to secure a nice room at the Hale Koa (the hotel/resort for military personnel) in a much quieter and secluded location of Waikiki.

This above photo is a view of Diamond Head from Waikiki.

This above photo is a statue of "Duke." Apparently, he's famous for bringing surfing to Hawaii.

We drove over to Diamond Head to do some sight-seeing and was even able to find a microbrewery on our way. Don't be so surprised, you should know my husband is always on a lookout for these places. ;)

At Diamond Head, Kevin led me through a secret tunnel with close access to the water. We were even able to spot a few sea turtles! You may need to enlarge this photo to see him!

We also spent some time at the North Shore of Oahu. This area of the island is famous for surfing. We don't see waves like this in Okinawa!

Here's a photo of the road sign for the historic town of Haleiwa.

Haleiwa is home to Matsumoto's. This place is an icon, well known for its Hawaiian shave ice.

Just look at all the flavors. Azuki beans with condensed milk, anyone?

Stay tuned for part II....more to come later.



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Missy said...

Great photos of your trip! We were there last February and stayed at the Hale Koa and the Navy Lodge on Ford Island...which I HIGHLY recommend for your next trip.

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