Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kin Blue

The advantage of living on an island is that there are always beautiful beaches to go and explore.

Today was a lazy Sunday so Kev and I decided to go for a drive and explore Kin Blue, a beach near the town of Kin. Kevin usually goes golfing on Sunday mornings with his buddy John, but when he came back today, he was eager to go out. We drove about a half hour when we finally reached the beach. It's completely isolated and perfect for snorkeling. What you say? Snorkeling in December??!! Yes, it IS possible here in Okinawa. :)

Anyway--as we were snorkeling, we saw some interesting marine life. Cuttlefish, reef fish, sea urchins, and a LIONFISH! Lionfish are normally seen when deep sea diving, but I guess we were lucky.

Of course, we admired the lionfish from afar as we were concerned about getting stung. Lionfish are considered quite dangerous. If you try to pick one up, it can sting you with venomous spines in its dorsal fin (apparently, the venom can't kill you, but it can make you sick). Scary. Despite it's bad reputation though, it's absolutely beautiful. Here's a lionfish photo I found on the Internet:

(Don't Touch me!!)

Here are some photos of Kin Blue. The beach is covered with sea shells and coral so we picked a few up for our collection. I have a feeling during our time here in Okinawa, we are going to be collecting A LOT OF SHELLS.

The beach also has some interesting rock formations. Most of Okinawa's beaches have volcanic rock, but not Kin Blue.

After our day at the beach, we headed home and stopped at a neighborhood ramen noodle shop. A perfect end to our day.

Unfortunately, by the time our miso ramen and gyoza came, we were both so hungry we completely forgot about the camera....Sorry no photos. Maybe next time.:)

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