Thursday, March 6, 2008

I feel better...

Okay, so as some of you know, I've put on a *few pounds since I got married nearly two years ago. Call it the "post-nuptial-15" or whatever, but the fact of the matter is that somehow I've allowed myself to gain a little poundage. Kevin and I are both "foodies" and if you combine that with a lack of working out and going to gym...Sooner or later, you're going to gain weight. Duh.

Anyway, since moving to Okinawa, I've been making an effort to go back to my gym-going days and exercise 5 days a week. And guess what? I actually think it's paying off.

Earlier today at the gym, I ran into someone who made me smile. I've seen this woman several times now (we usually attend the same Turbokick classes at the gym). I hadn't seen her in awhile so when I ran into her today...I was quite surprised when she complimented me on my weight loss. She said she could see a difference in my body. I was so happy, I felt like hugging her..But I didn't.

I had no idea her compliments would make my day. I guess it's just nice to hear my hard work is finally paying off. I feel so much better. :)

So... for those of you who are working on a goal....keep at it! Eventually, your hard work will reap some benefits. Now if only I can apply this thinking to other things. Say studying for my math placement exam for example....(groan)....

*Disclaimer: Please do not ask exactly how much weight I've gained. I can tell you, but I'd have to kill you first.

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The Tones of the Zarcone's said...

You are still beautiful matter what you weigh...I will keep your advice in mind after I have this baby and have to loose the baby weight! :)

Love and miss you!


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