Friday, March 14, 2008

Tropical Flowers & Gardening

I wanted to post a photo of the beautiful tropical flowers we recently purchased. We have a Japanese Azalea (which is the bright pink flower) and a Hibiscus plant. Both are doing very well on our balcony. Kevin and I bought the plants at a local nursery. The Azalea called "tsukuji" in Japanese, is actually a very common flower here on the island and can be seen in full bloom in mid-March.

The herb and vegetable garden we have growing on the rooftop terrace is doing equally well. We had some stunting with the tomato plants due to the wet and cold weather during the winter, but now they seem to be coming back. As a matter of fact, our spring onions grew like crazy, so I ended up giving most of those away to our Japanese neighbors. Kevin and I are enjoying taking care of our garden. :)

Take a look at my silly hubby posing for the camera (taken on our roof). Looks like he's aiming the hose at me!

Here's a photo I took of the beach across the street from our house. This is the view of the beach from our rooftop terrace.

The weather is certainly warming up. Looks like spring is here!

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