Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last Day In Hong Kong

Our five days in Hong Kong were drawing to a close, so on our final day we decided to head to the island of Lantau (the largest island in Hong Kong) to visit the Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery. The Buddha is actually quite close to the Hong Kong airport, so we headed to the airport in the morning, dropped of our bags in a coin locker, and then headed off.

We rode the bus to Tung Ching and then boarded the Ngong Ping cable car (I'm used to calling them gondolas) which took us on a 30 minute ride over mountains.

The cable car dropped us off in Ngong Ping village and from there, we walked to the Buddha.

It was pretty hot out on this day, but we still managed to climb the 268 steps to the top!

At the top, there were several other small statues.

This above photo is the entrance to the Po Lin Monastery which is at the base of the Buddha.

All in all, our trip to Hong Kong was so much fun! I leave you with this self taken photo of Kev and I....Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Love, Chrissy :)

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dmlederach said...

I can tell that you trylu love your husband (as if I didn't already know!) - you posted his "good side" photo.

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