Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Naha and Okinawa World

Now that Mom and Dad Miller have left us to spend a week in mainland Japan, I figure I would post the photos from last weekend's trip to the capital city of Naha and our visit to Okinawa World. We went to Naha to see the 10,000 Eisa dancers, but unfortunately it was so crowded and hot we couldn't see much. Instead, we decided to walk around and check out some of the sites on Kokusai Street and Heiwa Dori.

Here is a photo of the Naha monorail!

Take a look at this....This is a Kewpie doll dressed up to be a "goya." "Goya" is a staple of Okinawan food and cuisine. Goya is a bitter melon, something like a cross between a zuchinni and a squash...but bitter. It's actually doesn't taste too bad. :)

The bright "neon" lights of Kokusai...

Here we are at Heiwa Dori, a covered market right on Kokusai street.

Mini pineapples, anyone? You don't eat these, you plant them.

Or how about some sea grapes, better known as "umibudou." Naturally, sea grapes aren't really grapes, it's seaweed!

Here are some photos from our trip to Okinawa World. At Okinawa World, we visited Gyokusendo. Gyokusendo is an underground cave with thousands of stalagmites and stalactites. Since it was pretty hot out, going "underground" for a bit was a nice escape....

My hubby with his Dad.

Here are some more photos of the awesome formations.

Once outside, we enjoyed some of the other sites at Okinawa World. Here is a photo I took of a "shisa" on a roof.

Everywhere you go on Okinawa, you're bound to see "shisa"....

Gotta love it.

Thanks for visiting Mom and Dad Miller. Come back to visit us soon!


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