Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank goodness for long weekends...

This weekend is a long weekend and let me just say, I'm SO GLAD.

This week has been particularly long. Classes have started up again with the University of Maryland and that might be part of it, and then there are the rehearsals for "Ragtime." I've also been stuck in an edit suite for the last two days putting together a piece on a kids' horse camp. I guess I'm just wanting to whine and vent...

Anyway, not too much on the agenda for this weekend. A friend of ours, Natalia, is coming over for dinner tonight and tomorrow night, I'll be one of 3 judges for the MCCS Mega Karaoke Finals at the Globe and Anchor at Camp Foster. Should be fun. Let's hope that the finalists can at least carry a tune.

So the weekend is almost here...and I'm so glad....

Okay, vent and whine over.


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