Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paper or Plastic?

Well, here in Japan you may not have a choice. When you shop at grocery stores in Japan, you need to provide your very own shopping bag to carry your groceries. These shopping bags are called "eco-bags" and it's Japan's way to get people to be more "earth-friendly."

It's really a good idea because it encourages people to bring their own "eco-bag" and discourages the use of the disposable plastic/paper bags which end up in a landfill somewhere.

If you fail to bring your own "eco-bag"-you have to pay a nominal fee. And the truth is, despite the fact that some argue that plastic is biodegradable, it takes FOREVER for the bag to disintegrate.

I was reading on CNN about the city of Seattle imposing a fee for shoppers who use plastic bags. Good thinking....

Anyway, let me just say that this trend is already in effect here in Japan...they thought of it first.... :)

Okay, well I have to pick up some groceries I better get my "eco-bag" ready. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll post some pictures of my nifty little bag. Kevin has a green "eco-bag." I have two. One is orange and the other has a pictures of a cat on it. SOOO cute....

Heck....maybe "eco-bags" are the next big fashion accessory?!?!?!


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